Quicktext is the world leader in AI and Big Data for hotels and is ranked world #1 according to the Hotel Tech Report. In 2021, Quicktext provided clients with more than $139 million of booking requests and was awarded the “AI and big data company of the year for hospitality” at the Premium Travel Awards in Shenzen China.

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Quicktext offers hotels innovative artificial intelligence, structured data, and big data solutions dedicated to the hospitality industry. By harnessing AI and big data, Quicktext allows hotels to structure their data, interact automatically with customers, optimize sales, content, and marketing, and supply data for business intelligence.

More than 1400 hotels across 76 countries use Quicktext to increase direct bookings by 11%, enhance CRM with ultra-qualified leads, automate repetitive tasks thanks to the artificial intelligence Velma, and improve search engine optimization and marketing campaigns.

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Is the Metaverse the Future for the Hospitality Industry?

The Metaverse is regarded as the next step of the internet. Many have heard about the Metaverse, but you might think this is not relevant to the hospitality industry and see it as a far-off fantasy that is not relatable to real life. In this article, opportunities for the hospitality industry in Metaverse are discussed, what your hotel avatar can do for your hotel and the role of data in accommodating the Metaverse. Why Hotels

Increase Hotel Direct Sales with AI & Omnichannel Communication

Omnichannel communication and artificial intelligence enable hotels to deliver a much more engaging e-commerce experience and increase direct online bookings by 10% on average. In this article, you'll find tips to increase direct hotel bookings with AI and omnichannel communication. Attract More People to Your Direct Reservation Process Through Omnichannel Engagement To increase direct sales, the first thing to do is to make sure you leverage all the direct sales platforms at your disposal. Having

5 Innovative Ways to Engage Customers in Your Hotel Direct Booking Process

Many hotels are approaching direct bookings the same way they did 5 years ago. While the basics still apply, new opportunities have emerged to drive engagement and Conversion. In this article, you'll learn how to engage customers during the booking process and increase Conversion. Enhancing Your Hotel Direct Booking Process: a Key Asset for Hotel Resilience & Recovery You can always acquire paid or organic traffic. However, in times of high volatility, your ability to

4 Ways Hotels can Leverage AI & Big Data to Boost Direct Sales

AI and big data unlock opportunities for hotels to boost their direct revenue and operational efficiency while offering instant and personalized guest experiences. This article will focus on 4 ways hotels can leverage AI and Big Data to engage customers in the hotel direct booking process and drive their direct sales. 1) Deliver Instant Service With Conversational AI Conversational AI, a form of artificial intelligence such as AI chatbots, improves the quality of hotel customer

Mobile First: How to Boost Hotel Visibility and Drive Direct Bookings

Customer behavior is evolving from search to interaction, and mobile is driving this shift. Hotels that rethink their guest communication to meet new and evolving behavior will boost their hotel visibility and drive their direct bookings. In this article, we reveal the mobile behavior trends shaping the hospitality industry and how hotels can leverage them to improve their guest experience and increase direct sales. The Rise of the Zero-Click Search When you Google something, do

How AI Increases The Profitability of a Hotel’s Front Office

Hotel front offices are often regarded as cost centres, when they should be seen as profit centres. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can filter and solve customer requests and FAQ so that that staff can focus their attention only on high-value customer requests. Innovation is Not About Replacing Humans With Machines Complacency is the main obstacle to hotel front office modernization. Hoteliers tend to compare the tasks that their front office human staff is doing and try

4 Expert Tips to Select the Right Chatbot for Your Hotel

From a look and feel perspective all chatbots look similar. However, some will deliver excellent service to your guests, others will generate frustration. If you want to make the right choice for your hotel or group make sure to look for these essential decision criteria. This article provides you with 4 tips that will help you to choose the right chatbot to achieve your hotel(s) strategic goals. 4 Tips to Select a Chatbot Below you

Practical Tips to Increase Hotel Sales When Demand is Low

In a low-demand context, hotels need to focus on maximizing their conversion rate. A proactive sales strategy augmented by Artificial Intelligence (AI) proves instrumental to navigate these difficult times. Practical Ideas to Increase Direct Conversion Rates In these low-demand times, every reservation counts. Just making hotel direct booking easy from a technical perspective is not enough. If you want to increase conversion, you need to convince hesitant customers and make sure that no potential customer

How Hotels Leverage AI Chatbots to Adapt to COVID-related Market Conditions

Hospitality professionals must revisit their business model to create resilient long-term strategies to keep afloat in these challenging times. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an essential asset to reduce costs and keep delivering premium guest service. In this article, you will learn how hotels use AI Chatbots to adapt to COVID related market conditions. Hotels Face Challenges Due to COVID The impact of COVID will be felt for years. Hoteliers that want to survive these wearisome

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