Many people dream of becoming a hospitality manager and whether you are hoping to advance to such a position for the first time, or simply looking to move into a different managerial role, job boards are likely to represent one of the best options during your search. In this article, you can read about some of the best hospitality job boards.

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What is the Hospitality Industry?

The hospitality industry can be described as the section of the service industry that is concerned with receiving and hosting guests or visitors, and offerings are usually based around customer satisfaction. In particular, the industry includes the provision of overnight lodgings, food and drink services, and/or visitor entertainment.

Read “Hospitality Industry: The No. 1 Hospitality Information Guide!” if you want to learn more about the nature of the industry itself, as well as why hotels, motels, B&Bs, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and bars are all among the businesses that can be included under the wider hospitality industry umbrella.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Hospitality Manager?

A hospitality manager is tasked with overseeing day-to-day hospitality business operations. They may be a general manager, in charge of overseeing all aspects of the hospitality business, or they may instead be in charge of a particular section or department of the business, as is the case with a finance manager or an HR manager.

Regardless, the manager takes on a number of key responsibilities, including supervising people while they work, providing coaching or training for employees, hiring and firing staff members, creating and maintaining reports and ensuring staff have all of the necessary tools and equipment needed to do their jobs properly.

In many cases, a hospitality manager will have an office, but they may also be required to carry out a variety of roles in and around the business, including providing some form of direct customer service. Additionally, a key part of the role involves coordinating staff, optimising the use of resources and monitoring business performance.

What Are the Requirements to Become a Hospitality Manager?

The specific requirements for a hospitality manager job will vary depending on the precise nature of the role. For example, hotel management jobs may have different requirements than other management jobs in the hospitality sector, like a restaurant management position. However, communication and leadership skills are always vital.

To become a manager, you will typically require significant industry experience and will usually need to have a proven track record of overseeing business operations, supervising staff and/or coordinating teams. In addition, you will need to have a rounded understanding of the nature of the business or department you are hoping to manage.

What Qualifications Does a Hospitality Manager Need?

In terms of formal qualifications, a hospitality manager may be required to possess a bachelor’s degree or equivalent and this will usually need to be in a relevant subject, such as business management or travel and tourism. Similarly, a degree in accounting will be relevant if you want to become a finance manager, and so on.

It may also be possible for graduates with other degrees to gain a relevant postgraduate qualification. However, it is also important to state that some hospitality manager positions may be available without formal qualifications, as long as you have relevant industry experience and have worked your way up the ranks.

10 Job Boards to Find Your Next Hospitality Manager Job

Job boards focused on the industry are one of the most effective ways to actually find hospitality manager jobs and they also offer the benefit of allowing you to apply online, while potentially accessing additional resources too. Here, you can access a list of 10 hospitality job boards you should check out during your search for a new role.

1. HCareers

HCareers was launched by Virgil Holdings Inc. in 1998. As a job board, it is centred on opportunities in the United States. The website allows you to easily search for a hospitality manager job by setting custom search parameters, while business profiles are also available, allowing you to learn more about specific employers. On top of this, HCareers also offers careers advice from industry experts, making it a useful all-in-one job-seeking platform.

Click here for all hospitality manager jobs on HCareers.

2. Hospitality Online

HospitalityOnline started operations back in 1998 and is described by its parent company as being both a job board and recruitment hub. This is because its offerings extend beyond simply advertising vacancies. While a basic job search can still be easily carried out, the service also goes much further, with options for employers to perform online assessments, based on criteria like formal qualifications, previous work experience, behavioural traits and more.

Click here for all hospitality manager jobs on HospitalityOnline.

3. Hosco

Hosco was established in 2011 and provides job listings from all over the world, with a strong focus on Europe. The various opportunities advertised on the website span all areas of the hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes. Aside from these core job board elements, the platform is also able to offer a variety of extra features, such as an ‘Advice‘ section and listings for relevant hospitality-related courses.

Click here for all hospitality manager jobs on Hosco.

4. iHireHospitality

The iHireHospitality service is an online job board, which is specifically focused on providing users with access to hospitality jobs, including hospitality manager roles. The platform, based in Frederick, Maryland, operates as part of the larger iHire network, which was launched in 1999. As a job seeker, you will be able to benefit from a comprehensive range of options, making it easier to find and apply for your ideal job and boost your career.

Click here for all hospitality manager jobs on iHireHospitality.

5. HospitalityCrossing

HospitalityCrossing is a hospitality-focused job board, and part of the wider EmploymentCrossing network. The business has its headquarters in Pasadena, California, but has offices all around the world and provides listings for more than 10,000 new hospitality jobs every week, including hospitality manager positions. As a job seeker, you will also have the option to upload a resume, so that employers can match vacancies to the skills and qualifications you possess.

Click here for all hospitality manager jobs on HospitalityCrossing.


The HospitalityJobs portal was created in 1996 and has its main office in Clearwater, Florida. In addition to allowing you to search for your dream hospitality manager job using the main job board features, it will also provide additional resources, including job development tools, assistance with interview preparation and advice for enhancing your CV or resume, which can then be uploaded to the platform for employers to find.

Click here for all hospitality manager jobs on

7. is promoted as the largest dedicated hospitality recruitment website in the UK and it provides users with the ability to browse more than 20,000 jobs within the industry, including hospitality manager jobs. The website allows you to upload your CV, which makes it available to employers and recruiters, while you can manually apply for advertised jobs and enable job alerts, so you receive notifications when a relevant role becomes available.

Click here for all hospitality manager jobs on

8. Dice

Launched in 1990 and owned by DHI Group, is a careers website and metasearch engine, which specialises in helping users to find technology jobs, including IT and engineering positions. Among the many jobs listed on the platform are opportunities within hospitality. As a result, it can be the ideal job board to use if you are looking for a role as an IT manager, or if you are seeking any other job role that has a significant technology component.

Click here for all hospitality manager jobs on


The platform was founded in 1998 and is primarily focused on linking people with travel programmes in other parts of the world. The ‘Jobs Abroad‘ section allows users to search for hospitality management positions and a variety of other opportunities in the industry. The service itself functions as a metasearch engine, drawing results from the web and linking users to the website they will need to visit to actually apply for each of the advertised jobs.

Click here for all jobs on


Finally, as the name indicates, is a hospitality job board that is centred on the Asian market. Although it has a particular focus on advertising hotel jobs, various other hospitality roles are also covered as well. The platform provides a range of additional functions and services, including a CV builder tool, and an Asian salary guide, which can be especially useful for people applying for roles in Asian countries for the first time.

Click here for all hospitality manager jobs on

3 Additional Ways to Find a Hospitality Manager Job

While job boards are a useful way to seek out managerial positions within the hospitality sector, they are not the only channel you can turn to. In fact, it is generally recommended that you utilise more than one channel during your job search, in order to maximise your chances of finding the right role and the three options below are also viable.

List of Hotel Chains to Find Your Next Hospitality Manager Job

Hotels are among the biggest hospitality employers and many of the world’s leading hotel chains actually advertise job vacancies on their own company websites. With this in mind, it may be sensible to identify some hotel chains that appeal to you and then regularly check their website for any hospitality manager jobs they may have available.

The article “Hospitality Management Jobs: List of Hotel Chains to Find a Job” will provide more information.

Turn to Specialist Hospitality Recruitment Agencies

The job of a recruitment agency is to match up suitable candidates with vacant job roles. Fortunately, a number of recruitment agencies specialise in finding candidates for hospitality positions. Furthermore, some of these agencies place a particular focus on senior roles within companies, and this would include the role of hospitality manager.

For job seekers, the main benefits of working with specialist recruiters relate to their expertise and industry contacts. Generally, recruitment specialists will have excellent insight into what different employers in the industry like and do not like and many recruiters will work with you on things like interview technique and ways to improve your CV.

Leverage LinkedIn to Land a Hospitality Manager Job

Social media platforms can sometimes be overlooked by job seekers, but LinkedIn is a particularly strong option to explore when looking for a hospitality manager role. On a basic level, the platform allows you to use its ‘Jobs‘ section to easily search for opportunities, based on your preferences and search parameters.

Yet, the advantages of LinkedIn go beyond this. By establishing and maintaining an online network of professionals in the industry, you can make the kind of contacts and have the kinds of conversations that can advance your career. Networking in this way is crucial, because other people may be able to open doors that you cannot open yourself.

Video: The Role of a Hospitality Manager

In this video, Owen explains the role of a Hospitality Manager.


Overview of Different Hospitality Careers

Aside from the role of hospitality manager, there are a huge number of hospitality careers to choose from, ranging from entry-level positions, right the way up to other senior roles. To find the ideal role to suit you, it can be beneficial to have a rounded understanding of the nature of these positions and what they all actually involve.

Read “Overview of Different Hospitality Careers” for a complete breakdown of the different career paths within the industry, including descriptions of what the main responsibilities and tasks are.

Tips for Boosting Hospitality Management Careers

The competition that exists when hospitality management jobs become available can be tough and you need to take action to make sure you stand out as the most suitable candidate. This can mean building the right skills, using the right channels to identify opportunities, optimising your applications and preparing for interviews properly.

Check out the “Tips for Boosting Hospitality Management Careers” article for more useful tips on how you can boost your career and continue to progress as a hospitality manager.

Channels for Finding Hospitality Jobs Online

Whether you are looking to become a hospitality manager, or are still in the process of working your way up the ladder, it is crucial to know where to look for new jobs online. With regards to hospitality jobs, there are several different channels to choose from, including corporate websites, job board sites, social networks and recruitment agencies.

In “Channels for Finding Hospitality Jobs Online” you will be able to learn more about all of the main channels for job seekers and also find some examples of websites and platforms to sign up to.

Tips to Find Your Next Hotel Manager Job

The job of a hotel manager is high pressure, but also offers high rewards. You will be required to oversee hotel operations, interact with customers, monitor performance and make sure things are running smoothly. However, to secure such a role, you are going to need to work your way up through the industry and avoid certain pitfalls.

Read “Tips to Find Your Next Hotel Manager Job” and you will gain insight into the things you can do to boost your chances of finding the hospitality manager job of your dreams by leading a hotel or hotel department.

Hospitality Management: The Essentials About Hospitality

Before entering into hospitality management, it is essential that you develop your understanding of what management actually is. You will also need to know the requirements of a hotel manager and improve your understanding of some of the key trends that are helping to shape the hospitality industry in the 2020s and beyond.

Read our “Hospitality Management: The Essentials About Hospitality” post and you will be able to find out much more about hospitality and the role of the hospitality manager in a modern business.

The various job boards listed above are going to be among the most useful resources for anyone looking to land a job as a hospitality manager. Remember, it is best to turn to a combination of job board platforms, as well as additional channels too, so that you do not miss out on an opportunity that could be ideal for you.

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