The premier European travel event, Skift Forum Europe, is back again and this time, it will be focusing on top strategists in the travel industry.

About Skift Forum Europe

The Skift Forum Europe event held in Madrid. Skift Europe offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the emerging marketing and technological innovations in the region. Every industry will be assessed in depth, from hospitality and tourism, to OTAs and aviation. The event will also probe into Europe’s role in travel practices and how it plans to manage long-term sustainability in the travel industry.

Who Should Attend the Skift Forum Europe Event?

Tourism professionals who wish to understand the best travel practices and get tips from the most innovative leaders in the industry:

  • Hospitality managers looking for technology partnerships and inside information on how to improve their business performance
  • Marketers seeking for more engaging marketing campaigns to attract customers
  • Tour operators looking for new strategies to surprise their customers
  • Investors in search of new business partnerships
  • And entrepreneurs seeking to connect with creative thinkers and decision makers to partner with

What is the Objective of the Skift Forum Europe Event?

The highlights and objectives of the Skift Forum Europe are listed here:

  • Analysing the reasons why destinations are investing in responsible travel
  • How regulatory decisions are affecting regional innovations
  • The impact of Brexit and how the travel sector is preparing for change
  • Maintaining brand relevance in Europe’s travel market and the essential role of product diversification
  • The importance of creating authentic experiences for OTAs
  • And what travel brands need to do to build loyalty in this highly competitive market

To obtain further information about this event, please visit the website of Skift Forum Europe.

Event Organiser:

Skift Global HQ
145 West 30th Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10001
United States

Event Location:

La Nave
Calle Cifuentes 5
28021 Madrid
Google maps

Date & Register:

One day: 29th of June 2020
Last day: 30th of June 2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, please check the event website for exact dates.

Event website

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