Hotel software helps hotels streamline their processes resulting in increased revenue, cost reductions and improved guest experiences. But which hotel software solutions does a hotel need? In this article, you will learn about the most useful hotel management software systems that will help ease your day-to-day operations.

What is Hotel Software?

Hotel software allows hotel owners or managers to streamline their administrative tasks while cutting costs and increasing bookings at the same time. The software system isn’t just important for the day-to-day operations of a hotel, but it also plays a vital role in the overall guest experience.

What Are The Main Benefits of Hotel Software?

With the advances in technology, the software needs of a business change over time. If the current software you are using for your hotel is out of date, it may be holding your business back and stop you from gaining productivity. By choosing the right hotel software, you can benefit from the following features:

  • Reduce costs by automating tasks
  • Increase revenue by automating marketing and revenue management
  • Enhance staff efficiency
  • Improve productivity
  • Streamline accounts
  • Replace paperwork processes
  • Communicate more effectively with customers
  • Keep your booking dashboard updated at all times
  • Charge extra for late arrivals or check-ins/check-outs
  • Customise check-in/check-out email templates
  • Personalise bookings and price plans

Hotel Software Solutions Every Hotel Needs To Consider

Automating day-to-day tasks is an essential part of achieving guest satisfaction as it helps the hotel manager provide a quality and reliable service, every time. Below you find the latest hotel management software solutions every hotel owner should make use of.

1. Property Management System (PMS)

PMS is a system that facilitates the booking management and admin tasks of a hotel. A property management system doesn’t just automate operations across the various departments in the hotel. It has now developed into a platform that helps hotels gain more visibility and enables them to reach out to the audience in order to increase bookings. This software allows the hotel owners to process e-payment collection and manage room inventory for accurate allocation. This last feature prevents over-bookings or even duplicate reservations. It is also possible to use a PMS system to send confirmation emails to customers after they make a booking. This function is part of the front-desk module and some systems even allow the customer to reserve the room as well as the activities offered by the hotel.

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2. Revenue Management System (RMS)

RMS helps hotels create prices for their rooms based on algorithms. The purpose of RMS software is to improve pricing strategies in order to sell more rooms at optimal rates. Since the hotel industry is highly dynamic, it is crucial to use a revenue management system. Some of the main advantages of this hotel software include strategic pricing and higher revenue, but there are many more benefits that hotels can make use of. Firstly, RMS lowers costs as it takes into account the room rates during the low and high season. As a result, the hotel manager can plan in advance and lower costs by avoiding unnecessary expenses.

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3. Distribution Channel Manager

Channel managers are highly valuable for hotels of all sizes. The role of a distribution channel manager is to connect the hotel’s inventory to multiple online travel channels or agencies. This will allow you to manage your hotel’s prices and availability across all the marketing channels you use online. A channel manager helps avoid overbooking and prevent other costly mistakes since it has the ability to report booking sources. The hotel owner can then determine which online channels or portals are the best fit for their niche market. With such sophisticated tactics and systems, interested travellers can find the accommodation they need quickly.

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4. Rate Shopper Software

This hotel software has the benefit of simple graphics and easy-to-use reporting tools that help hotel owners optimise room rates in line with demand. By using rate shopper software, you’ll be able to obtain real-time data about your competitors, including their prices and current promotions. In addition to disclosing useful information about other hotels, this software will also allow you to keep an eye on your rankings using track events in your local area and obtaining statistics about the average prices charged by the hotels in your area. The main benefit of using this software is to ultimately learn about the local hotel industry in order to stay ahead of the competition.

5. Reputation and Review Management Software

Reputation and review management software is designed to track online users’ feedback on services and products. It is a system that helps spread the customer’s positive reviews through the relevant online platforms. Building a reputation with positive reviews can only be a good thing for hotel owners as they will be able to increase their sales this way. Hotels use this software to promote their business and capture negative customer reviews. It is also a useful tool that helps hotel owners monitor social media posts relating to their services. In simpler words, this software allows you to monitor what your guests are saying about your hotel by sending you alerts. You can then respond to these reviews and rectify the issue quickly.

6. Mobile CheckIn App

Hotel owners are turning their attention toward mobile apps as they provide instant access to many self-service options. For the hotel owners, the mobile check-in app reduces the need to provide a front desk service so the staff can focus on other tasks instead. Some of the advantages of using a mobile check-in app include saving time in check-ins, communication with guests before arrival, (via the app), increasing revenue by allowing guests to upgrade their rooms, book dinner, or tours.

7. Online Booking Engine

The goal of every hotel is to sell more rooms and increase profit. But without an online booking engine, you’ll have to mainly rely on phone calls to make bookings. An online booking system is an essential and effective tool that will significantly increase bookings as it allows users to make secure reservations on the hotel’s own website. If your hotel is listed on a social media site, the online booking engine can also be used for making direct bookings. This tool is available 24/7 and gives visitors the flexibility to book a room whenever they want.

8. Website Builder

Every hotel must have a website in order to gain maximum visibility. A website builder tool helps hotels create a website for their business. There are two types of website builders: online and offline.

The offline website builders allow you to download and install the tool to your PC. You can then build your website and upload all the saved files to a Web host. The online website builders are just as easy to use as the offline ones, by allowing beginner or experienced hotel owners to create a website within a few minutes using dragging and dropping elements. You don’t need any experience or coding knowledge to be able to create your own website thanks to the convenient and easy-to-use website builder software. Many website builders have special template for hotels, which helps hotel owners to create a hotel website in no time.

As different technologies in the hospitality industry are constantly evolving, it becomes almost obligatory to choose the right hotel software for improving service and making the process run smoother. With so many advantages offered by well-chosen software, every hotel owner or manager should strive to use such systems for their business.

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