The use of mobile apps for performing everyday activities has become more commonplace and this has led to the rise of hotel apps. These hotel apps can then allow users to access a range of services, or to perform a range of different actions. In this article, you will learn more about hotel apps, the benefits of them, and the ways in which hotel owners can use them to improve communication, revenue and the customer experience more generally.

What is a Hotel App?

A hotel app is a software application, which has been specifically designed to run on a mobile device – most commonly a smartphone or a tablet. A hotel can choose which services to include within its app, and users can then use the app to engage with those services. These services may be online, offline or a combination of the two.

Why Are Hotel Apps Becoming More Popular?

Hotel apps are becoming increasingly popular for a number of different reasons, but the most significant is the prevalence of smartphone technology. Indeed, nowadays, many people are in the habit of using their smartphone for everything from managing social media accounts, to making takeaway orders, or holiday bookings.

It stands to reason that hotel guests are also in the habit of turning to their phones frequently, and an app allows many of the services associated with hotels to be brought into a single place. Apps also offer other advantages, allowing hotels to send alerts to users, or to provide services that cannot be offered on a website.

3 Reasons Why Every Hotel Needs a Hotel App

While there are multiple benefits associated with the creation and use of hotel apps, there are three main reasons why every hotel should look to implement this technology. These reasons are explained in more detail below:

1. Improve Communication With Your guests

One of the single most important reasons for creating a hotel app is the improved communication it allows. Indeed, a hotel app can help to bring a range of different communication types into a single place, integrating online chat, social media, hotel news, promotional messages, and more.

An online chat function allows for instant communication and chatbots can be used when staff are not able to respond personally. Meanwhile, push notifications can be sent to users’ phones, informing them of events in the hotel or promotional offers. Location-based messages and reviews can also be incorporated.

2. Improve Your Customer Experience

Additionally, a mobile app can also improve the overall customer experience provided by a hotel in a number of different ways. For instance, the booking of hotel rooms can be facilitated through the app, along with bookings for restaurants, gym lessons and spa sessions. Room and housekeeping services can also be ordered via the app. All of these services improve automation and remove the need for telephone conversations.

Hotel apps can improve the booking process itself through the use of virtual reality tours, while smart hotel controls can also be centralised through the app. This could allow, for example, guests to control TVs or lights through the app, or to choose a preferred room temperature, with the room’s devices automatically maintaining this.

3. Increase Your Hotel Revenue

Finally, another way in which a hotel app can be beneficial for hotel management is through the potential to optimise and maximise hotel revenue generation. This can be achieved through both internal and external methods, primarily by making access to certain services easier and more convenient for guests.

For example, the convenience of using an app to make room service orders can help to improve the number of guests using that particular service, while this convenience can also improve restaurant bookings too. Furthermore, apps can also lead to external booking of restaurants, tours and museums, with hotels receiving a commission.

The rise of mobile apps has led to an increased availability of hotel apps, which bring different hotel services together in a single easy-to-access location. In addition to providing added convenience for customers, hotel owners can benefit from improvements to communication, revenue management and the customer experience itself.

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